About the artist

Central School of Art, London
College of St Matthias, Bristol

Solo Exhibitions:
George’s Gallery, Bristol
David Cross Gallery, Bristol
Piers Feetham Gallery, London
Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath
Pelter Sands, Bristol
Theatre Royal, Coopers’ Hall, Bristol
Broadcasting House, B.B.C., Bristol
National Theatre, South Bank, London
Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery
Piers Feetham Gallery, London
Gallery One, Rugby Museum & Art Gallery
Grey-Harris & Co, Bristol

Mixed exhibitions including
Royal Academy, London
Royal West of England, Bristol

Rachel has been doing commissioned portraits for many years, of both individuals and groups. Drawing and painting
musicians, while playing, has always been of special interest to her. She is used to her subjects moving, whether
chatting or busy with something, not sitting perfectly still, but comfortable. She draws people of any age, whether
tiny children or very old and in the widest variety of situations.

She has been asked to make drawings and paintings for a number of large institutions where she shows, through
her work, something of what goes on behind the scenes. The first of these big projects was The Theatre Royal,
Bristol Old Vic with an exhibition at the National Theatre, London. The BBC Natural History Unit then asked her to
show the last phase of the making of one of Sir David Attenborough’s great series, The Trials of Life, where she drew aspects of
them making those remarkable films.

The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery also asked her to show, through her drawings and paintings, the wide
range of activities and skills within their organisation and they put on a large exhibition of her work.
Some years later she was asked to work for the Warwickshire Police Force showing some of their innovative
work which was shown at Rugby Art Gallery. The most recent large project was drawing and painting behind
the scenes at Bristol Zoo.

She works is in a wide variety of media, including pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolour and other drawing materials,
depending on what is best for the particular situation. Apart from portraits, she paints still life, landscape, interiors
and also works from her imagination. She lives in Bristol and has always done a bit of regular teaching of painting
and drawing with history of art.

Rachel’s work is in the following public collections as well as in private collections:
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol
The University of Bristol Theatre Collection
The Nat West Art Collection
Warwickshire Police Force, Art collection